Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leopard Love

Leopard Love
Leopard Love

Helmut Lang Wide Hem T-Shirt
Tory Burch Leopard Jacket
Phillip Lim Quilted Leather Shorts
American Apparel Luxe Shapes Pantyhose
Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Cold November

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back To Work Monday

Back To Work Monday
Back To Work Monday

I love this neutral color palette. Completely chic && classy. 

Oleri Linen Tank
TopShop Blazer
Willow Silk Trousers
YSL Tribtoo Pumps
Vera Wang Pearl Necklace
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
Chanel Bag


You could NEVER go wrong.

Faux Fur Leather

Faux Fur Leather
Faux Fur Leather

Alexander Wang White Tee
Buckle Faux Fur Coat
Balmain Cropped Leather Pants
Burberry Shearling Platform Boot
Chan Luu Bracelet
Vintage Chanel Earrings


Breathtaking. I wish they sold their editorials here in the U.S. also. I'd be all over them... :)