Saturday, January 24, 2015


I am already stressed out about school. Anxious, nervous, scared. I hope I make it through this semester.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Haya Maraka

 “I love all my shoes and really do treat them like my children—yes I am crazy. I definitely can’t say I have a favorite, but Jimmy Choo sandals were my first pair of high heels. I remember how much I begged for them—I was 13 when I got them, so I guess they started my high heel journey. When it comes to shoes, I really have to say my feet have suffered. I definitely don’t look for comfort.”
 “I am currently working on my second book, but I’ve decided to combine my first book with my second. I find writing to be so therapeutic—I love to write and document events in life. I think the past is always very relevant to the future, so it is nice to go back and see what I wrote years ago and compare it to now.”
 Sunglasses, Prada
 “My first Alaïa piece was a plain black vintage dress that I actually found randomly in a boutique in Dallas, where I was born, a long, long time ago. I was young and had to call my uncle and explain to him why I needed this dress so badly, why I needed his credit card number immediately. I told him it was a super rare collectible piece—he’s a guy, so in his mind, he’s like, ‘it’s a dress?’ My skills of persuasion worked and I remember all I did was wear the dress all day and night for a week. There is something so empowering about wearing Azzedine Alaïa. It gives me a confidence that I just can’t explain in words. I love how he hasn’t sold himself out to how commercial the fashion industry can be sometimes. He is very private and always doing things on his own pace, which is one of the many reasons why I love him. He is truly a magician. I had dinner with him and his staff—you can truly see how they are all one big family supporting each other.”

 “My red CHANEL coat was actually how I got my job as a vintage buyer for a boutique in Switzerland. I was shopping there when the owner saw me and told me I had a great eye and offered me a job on the spot.”

Shoes, Charlotte Olympia; Dress, H&M
 “One of my best vintage finds would have to be a Oleg Cassini black coat/cape that once belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy. I found it in Paris, I think they have the best vintage there. If you walk around Le Marais you can find a ton of cool vintage stores. I love flea markets in any city. In Paris, I like to go Porte de Clignancourt and also Saint Ouen flea market. They have a ton of vintage CHANEL at this one stall called Olwen Forrest—make sure to bargain though! In New York, I love What Goes Around Comes Around and also Selima on Bond Street.”
 “I have read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov at least 10 times. It’s never too much. I love to read anything by or about Diana Vreeland, she’s my number one inspiration and muse. Anything by Sylvia Plath, Dorothy Parker or Oscar Wilde are also favorite reads of mine. Eloise is also such a fun read—although it’s a kids book, I think adults have a lot to learn from children. They are so honest and have no filter about what they say. As for magazines, I love LOVE magazine, French Vogue and Self Service. I also collect vintage Vogue magazines.”

Top to Bottom. Bags, Céline, Gucci; Boots, Manolo Blahnik

“I love CHANEL No.5, it’s a classic fragrance and I mix it a lot with different essential oils. I have been wearing it forever, as it reminds me of my grandma. More recently I have become obsessed with Frederic Malle, their scents are very long lasting.”
“It is hard to pick a favorite anything for me really, since everything has it’s own charm and beauty. I did visit Kauai an island in Hawaii recently and I fell in love with it, to the point where I never wanted to leave and extending my trip twice. A lot of my travelling is spontaneous, I am the worst planner. I always carry my passport in my purse because, well, you just never know. My dream destinations would be Australia and Tokyo.”

“Moving from Switzerland to New York was obviously a very big change which I found difficult at first, but now I call New York City home. New York really has a way of teaching you things quickly, whether you’re ready for them or not. In New York I love the Mark Hotel and the Carlyle. I go to Le Cirque almost daily. There are too many places to really list in New York! In Dubai, some of my favorite spots would have to be Jumeirah Beach Hotel. I have been going to the beach club there since I was a little girl. When I am in Dubai, I try to go to the beach everyday and just tan, read and write. Every time I go back to Dubai there is a new restaurant that has opened or a new lounge that opened. It’s nice that Dubai is always changing and reinventing itself… its kind of like the fashion industry in that way. My favorite restaurant in Dubai would have to be La Petite Maison.”

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