Sunday, February 7, 2016


 "I love shoes and I’ve been building a collection for years! I remember when I was 15 I started my collection with Rene Caovilla. I had them in every color and they looked like princess shoes! I think it is fair to say that being obsessed with shoes is 'vizio di famiglia,' as my grandmother used to have an apartment only for her shoes."

 "It's hard to choose my favorite pair of shoes because every pair has their own story. The Balmain sandals with the embroidered eagles are for sure one of my favorite pairs. They are so precious, like a piece of couture! Beside the obvious ones, like Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Pucci, one of my favorite brands is Aquazzura, who is a friend of mine and an incredibly talented designer!"

 "The most sentimental pieces in my closet besides family jewelry, are gifts from designers and fashion icons. I have a Givenchy dress gifted to me by Anna Dello Russo, as well as some Balmain pieces gifted to me after being backstage and being told that I'm the perfect 'Balmain girl.' Can you imagine how happy I was?"
 "I've loved to shop since I was a baby with my mum! I grew up in Florence and my favorite store was Luisa Via Roma, known worldwide for their incredible brand research and new talents! I still shop there."

 "Probably the most special pieces in my wardrobe are my wedding dresses designed for me by Peter Dundas. It was such an emotional moment for me going to Palazzo Pucci in Florence!"

 "My guilty pleasure: collecting Balmain pieces."

 "It takes a lot of time to take shoes from the sketches to the prototype stage, since everything is made by hand! Believe me, you understand the value of shoes after you spend one day seeing these incredible people working! It's impressive how everything is still done in my land, you can see a preview of what it will be on the next catwalk, from Tom Ford to Valentino!"

 "I don't have a favorite bag, I love them all! The most special to me are my vintage CHANEL and my Hermès, passed down from my mum and grandmother! Unique pieces! More contemporary? The Les Petits Joueurs Lego Mondrian clutch from my best friend!"
 "Pieces I would never give up: my Cartier watch, which was a present from my grandfather, my Bulgari engagement ring bought in Saint Barthélemy, my Céline travel bag and biker jacket and my Isabel Marant motorcycle boots and T-shirts."
 "My style growing up? Not so different from now, maybe a bit more 'country club' for the day. I always loved fringed boots, ripped jeans, big sunglasses, and big bags. I had an obsession for Roberto Cavalli printed dresses and gowns that I would buy all the time for 'diciottesimi' in Italy, which is when you become 18 and everybody organizes a huge gala event! Maybe I shouldn't tell you this story but I think it's fun. At one of the Cavalli's dinner parties, I arrived in a dress with the same print as the table cloth and everybody thought it was my party! Thank God Daniel (Roberto's son) offered to change everything!"

 "I love Santa Maria Novella from Florence; they only use natural ingredients and it is the place where the Queen of England goes and makes her scent!"

 "I can't live without my: La Prairie Platinum face cream, La Mer body cream, my Balmain jacket, shoes, and travel bags."

 "I think almost every time in history is special in its own way! I have always been fascinated by the period of Marie Antoinette and Versailles. Everything from the art, design and fashion was so rich and beautiful!"

 "I wanted to start my shoe collection inspired by my grandma, and what can be more special than having them signed by the artists responsible for their creation? I feel so happy to know all of these incredibly talented people and to have some of them designing shoes for my wedding!"

 "I love natural lips, I almost never use make up. I only use Kiehl’s lip balm, but I have a collection of red lipstick from CHANEL. For the nails, always red!"

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