Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sandy Liang

" 'When I get ready, I start by cleansing with either Cerave or Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, depending on how I’m feeling. I use the Foreo Luna to exfoliate. After that, I use Aesop’s Parsley Seed Toner, which smells really nice and kind of medicinal. And then I moisturize with Cerave Moisturizing Cream, which my dermatologist told me to use. I’ll also use the Skinceuticals Phloretin CF, which I actually read about on an Into The Gloss article. I would use it more often, but the smell is really strong. 

Then I do RMS Buriti Bronzer. I’ve gone through so many pots of it. I fucking love it, and I just apply it to my cheeks. I can’t do blush or foundation or anything too makeup-y on my face, and when I have the bronzer on, because I know it’s natural, I don’t feel guilty wearing it. I can just smear it on, let it melt in, and not really have to think about it. I can’t use any other bronzer.
For my eyes, I’ll use Sephora’s Colorful Shadow and Liner Crayon in Brown. I like to put that at the very ends of my eyes. And I want to brag—I’ve sort of perfected the cat-eye. I love Stila Liquid Liner, it’s the only one I can really use. I can’t handle a pencil. And so many liquid liners are expensive, this is the most reasonable! For mascara, I’ll do that thing where my lashes are just chunky and kind of crazy. I use Diorshow because it’s very dramatic.
My going-out makeup is pretty similar to my day makeup, that never really changes. But then I’ll do a lipstick. I have this really, really good MAC Lipstick in Instigator. It’s a great plum color, and it’s really matte. I also have a similar Tom Ford one. The shade is called Jay, but we all know it’s Jay-Z. For Christmas, someone gave me this Christian Louboutin Lipstick, and I was like, ‘What is this like ornament-looking thing? I’m never going to use this, this is ridiculous.’ And then I put it on and it’s the perfect matte, normal lip color. It’s really good. But it’s really expensive. It’s so unlike me, but it’s just perfect.
Before I go out, I have to put on perfume, otherwise I feel really weird. I use Le Labo Gaiac 10. I used to do the Santal 33, and then I was in a coffee shop reading the New York Times and there was an article about it, and once I read that, I was like, ‘I can’t wear this anymore!’
How late I stay out depends on the night. I’ll usually head home a little earlier, because I need Seamless. And I have to shower every single night—for my hair! I get my hair cut at Shizen and I ask them to cut it choppy—that way I can go to bed with my hair looking fucked up, and then I wake up and it’s perfect. If I wash my hair during the day, it won’t look good when I go out. Asian hair is so coarse that nothing really gets it all texture-y, so I just have to sleep in it. I don’t do anything to it. I don’t even own a hairdryer.'
—as told to ITG"

VIA Into The Gloss

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