Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Girl Crush

"After graduating, initially I was going to take a few years off and work at different companies and gain some exposure, but I think I had this energy right after graduating that I knew I was never going to feel again, especially not after working for someone else. I was scared that I might get tired or I might just get cynical about things. I think it was great that I had no idea what I was doing, just because you can’t really be scared if you don’t know what you are scared of. I’m glad I did it. It’s been cool, challenging but definitely gratifying."


 "For me, my family was never very much into fashion. In fact, my mom was always like ‘oh, you can’t buy those jeans until they're on sale’. I think because I wasn’t allowed to have fashion that much when I was younger, when I got into high school, that’s when I first started making my own purchases. My first fashion purchase was this Prada furry clutch, it’s like a mohair, bright orange clutch. That was my first fashion purchase. And to this day it’s my favorite thing I own. I think they [my parents] just thought I saved up all my Chinese New Year money or something."

 "I wish I could travel more. One of my favorite cities is Hong Kong. I think the retail experience there is so different than New York. There’s luxury everywhere, everyone is always shopping. Whereas as in New York, it’s more discreet and there’s smaller boutiques and then you have bigger department stores. The girls in New York are so awesome to me. I think they way they dress here feels more natural. I feel like people are more dressed up in other places."

VIA The Coveteur

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