Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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How I Lost 17 Pounds In 4 Months For My Wedding...

December 2015... Only 6 months before my wedding and I was the largest I had ever been in my life. My consistent, normal weight is about 116 lbs and I'm 5'4" and regular meals consisted of small salads and lean chicken with the occasional dressing. It was easy to eat this all the time because I never had a desire to learn to cook or make intricate meals since I lived alone. I worked out pretty regularly, about 4x a week. But ever since I got into a relationship with my now husband, it got harder and harder to eat healthy. Discipline went out the window. My husband LOVES to eat and his favorite thing is MEAT so I picked it up too. We went out to eat a lot prior to our marriage. Fancy dinners, hole in the wall eats, fast food... You name it, we ate it. I also learned how to cook --- Appetizers, side dishes, main courses etc.

So December 2015... After 3.5 years of dating, I was a whopping 128 lbs full of happy weight.

I was desperate and hated how I looked. I was so chubby and felt sluggish all the time. My clothes didn't fit anymore and I knew I'd be self-conscious about how I looked on my wedding day if I didn't change. I freaked out even more since I chose a strapless mermaid gown for my "big day" and at the time thought, "I'm SO fucked." Beginning January, I went to Equinox everyday, sometimes twice a day. I got a personal trainer and trained twice a week with him on top of my workouts, but in a month I only lost a pound. At least I felt better? My trainer told me I had to keep eating and not skip meals. I had to "boost my metabolism" and he even recommended protein shakes. I tried this, but I wasn't seeing results. Somehow at this point I felt I had to take matters into my own hands and NOT depend on my trainer for advice and tips.

I Googled everything related to dieting and eating healthy. Enter Catalina Su. I followed her diet tips exactly as she wrote them. I can't find her original post on her blog, but found her post in another blog here (Will do another post separately on her regimen). I basically shrunk my stomach and taught myself to stay hungry. The first two weeks were the hardest. I was never a breakfast person so I would only have a shot or two of espresso. For lunch I would eat an apple, about 10 raw almonds (Yes, I actually counted them and savored them.) and one boiled egg OR half an avocado with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper. For dinner I always made steamed salmon (about 6 or 7 oz) and a small side salad with very light dressing. I never weighed my food or counted calories (Although I estimate I probably ate about 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day). And then I always cooked something different for my then fiancĂ©. My "go to" drink was a Grande Soy White Mocha Latte at Starbucks and then I switched over to just a Grande Soy Latte. Now I only drink this. I continued to work out regularly (6x a week) and by the end of February I had lost 4 to 5 lbs.

I kept this up... March... April... May... I lost a pound a week, which is normal. Finally, two weeks before my wedding date in June, I was 111 lbs. I definitely cheated here and there in between... A small cup of ice cream, some sips of my husband's soda, the occasional spoonful of white rice, but it was rare. I was determined. The biggest thing I think is that my portions changed significantly and I learned to cut out sugars and carbs in my everyday diet. Now I still eat the same way, except a lot less restrictive (Lots of fruit and veggies, lean chicken, pork, fish etc. no pasta or rice).  

I know many will think this isn't the most healthy... And I agree. My husband called it "crash dieting" but who cares? It fucking worked. It gave me results and I am so happy that I was happy with me on my wedding day. I also felt like I slept better and had a lot more energy. Bottom line --- Cut out shit that provide no nutrients, eat smaller portions or at least eat until you're full then stop, and exercise.

My post today is inspired by Lina, because losing weight really is 80% diet and ALL discipline. I wanted to share my journey on how I lost my weight and kept it off. I have Lina to thank for helping me lose the 17 lbs prior to my wedding and I am forever grateful. Love you Lina! -XO Debra

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