Thursday, January 26, 2017

Isabel Marant Train

Last year there was an article on Man Repeller titled, "How Isabel Marant Got Her Groove Back." We all remember when those Bekett Wedge Sneakers were EVERYTHING back in 2011/2012. I am guilty of owning a pair. Along with her signature "space shoes" (What my husband calls them, hah.) and well-known French bohemian style pieces, some seem to think those were the only cult/highly-coveted days of Isabel Marant. However, I firmly believe her clothes/shoes are, and have always been THE SHIT. She never needed to "get her groove back." I've loved every single collection she has put out since I discovered her in 2011 and can prove my love by unveiling to you each Isabel Marant piece I own from almost every collection since then. I mean her pieces scream, "I'm French! And I am effortlessly chic!" haha. But more importantly, her pieces can translate to everyday life and won't totally break the bank like other designers. They are comfortable, cut to flatter your figure (It still amazes me how she does this with every piece!), and made of the best materials. Most of her clothes are made of 100% cotton, linen, or silk. Expensive coats are made of wool or leather. Her shoes... Shit they feel like BUTTAAAH and are made of the softest leather. I have these Tacy Boots by her and still obsess over them.

My point is, the Isabel Marant Train never left and I plan on riding it for a really long time.

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