Thursday, April 13, 2017


Right now I'm pretty obsessed with adding touches of green into our apartment. Our local nursery, Buchanan’s Native Plants received a huge delivery this Monday, and I was determined to get a fiddle leaf fig tree. We actually went last Saturday and they were all sold out. Quite a feat to get these fiddle leaf babies.

We almost bought this one... But I had to compare it to the one I asked one of the ladies there to put on hold for me...

She was a beauty! I had to take her home! There were also a number of fiddle leaf fig trees on hold in the back. Crazy.

I stopped by West Elm after a long ass day of work and driving and bought one of their cute planters. They're all on sale right now guys! Unfortunately when I opened the box, it was the completely wrong planter and size. How annoying.

The next morning, I carried that big ass planter back to West Elm and picked up the correct one (Shown above). No apology of any kind for sloppiness and wasted time, which by the way pissed me off. Whatever.

I went back to Buchanan’s Native Plants to buy a snake plant. They also call it a sansevieria, among many other names.

Cute right? Also bought this planter from West Elm. On sale here loves!

This planter looks way better in size - proportional! Totally was a shit show with everything, but I'm so happy with how things turned out.

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