Monday, June 19, 2017


"Pearls are a perfect go-to; it's one accessory that has faced the test of time. I’m a strong believer in piecing your outfit with classics. To me it’s all about wearing what you love with anything. Pearls with jeans and tee are just as great as with a black evening dress and I love that."

"I love Balmain. Oliver Rousteing really understands the modern, contemporary woman. He embraces different ages and body types."

"On a bad day, a statement purse always fixes everything. On a good day, when there’s time to get ready, there’s nothing more fun than dressing up and playing with fashion."

"I love what Goyard represents. They have been around for 161 years. No marketing. no digitals, no interviews. They make a great product that is as interesting as it is functional. They do one thing, in several designs, several colors and do it very well. Some people don’t understand their brand or connect to it, but regardless Goyard is uncompromising in their approach."

"I love what Gucci has done. When the first collection came out in 2015 that was totally rebranded by Alessandro Michele, I was skeptical. I love how they have taken classics and added an edge to it. Now I can’t stop myself from going to see what’s new in the store!"

Eva Dunford

VIA The Coveteur

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